Welcome to the Shadow Jedi Academy.

We are the Shadow Jedi. We are those who walk the pathless path. We are neither light, nor dark. Nor are we anything in between. We are not those who tread a fine line between light and dark, we are not fence sitters. We are a different sort of Jedi altogether. We have our own philosophy, based not on dogma, but on other philosophies we have studied, tried, and found to work. The path of the Shadow is a deeply personal thing. Our basic tenets are constant, but the rest of our philosophy is based on personal experience. Therefore, the path is different for each Shadow. It is individualized. But it is also very difficult, due to the lack of set rules and constraints. The only constraints we have are the ones we place upon ourselves.


"No matter how much we think we know, we have only just begun to scratch the surface."--Marian


Feel free to explore. There is more content on the way.


This is not a roleplaying site. The terms "Jedi" and "the Force" belong to George Lucas. We make no money from this website. We only use those terms to communicate more effectively our philosophy and our ways. But on a side note, thank you, George, for giving us Star Wars.