Welcome to our links page. Here you will find links to various resources on the web. We would like to point out that the views expressed herein (at the Academy) are not necessarily shared or expressed by any of the sites we have links to, and vice versa. These are simply good resources and interesting websites that have provided us with some insight along the way. With the exception of the Force Academy, from which this Academy is descended.

Jedi Sites

Force Academy http://www.forceacademy.com

Jedi Organization http://www.the-jedi.org

Jedi Academy http://www.jediacademy.com

Martial Arts Sites

Sovereign White Tiger Association - bak fu pai, bakfupai, sovereign white tiger association, martial arts, kung-fu, tai chi,bak fu

-    Inayan Systems International   

Qigong/Chi Kung Sites and/or Documents

RKA Family Karate Institute

Zhan Zhuang

Ba Duan Jin

The Standing Post,... News on Holistic Medicine and Martial Arts.

The Dragon's Breath : Chinese Martial Arts

Qigong Taiji Dantao Health Taoist meditation

Qi Journal Homepage

The Longevity Center

Stand Still - Be Fit !


Yiquan Online

Da Cheng Chuan


Hsing-I (XingYi) Page / Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute

Sacred Tortoise School of Tai chi Chuan

Kai Ying Tung - Tai Chi Chuan Forms

Taiji Quan Curriculum