Opening to Meditation


Meditation is an art as old as civilized man. It is used to do anything from relieve pain and heal injuries to add strength, power and even increase consciousness.

It is easy to do and infinitely helpful, making it one of the fastest growing art forms practiced. To do it you need only the bare minimum, yourself, loose-fitting comfortable clothes, a relaxed enviroment and 15 minutes of free time. It is recomended that you do it for at least 15 minutes and at regular intervals; every morning when you wake up or every evening before you go to bed  ect. ect. Try to make it at or around the same time. This puts your body into a routine of knowing that "at this time I'm going to relax and be calm for the ever long". 

Right now I'm just going to give you the basics, later on I'll get into more detailed techniques but for right now practice sitting with your eyes closed and try not to focus on anything just let your mind drifts from thought to thought. Do not hold on to any idea simply let it flow. This is a technique called mindfulness. Do not try to control your breathing; normal is always best, and do not get discouraged if you find it difficult.

If your mind wanders on it's own, simply bring it back to it's flow and begin again. This usually takes several tries and the beginner normaly finds it hard to maintain this state for more than a minute or two without needing to bring it back on track. For now go with what you've got so far and I'll add the next installment soon.

(Editor's note: I will add this: When practicing meditation of any kind, you may start with good posture and your back straight, but do not be alarmed if you start to slump as your body relaxes. Be mindful, of course, because you don't want to end up in a position where breathing is restricted. However, a slight curve in your back is normal as the body relaxes and you slip deeper into a meditative state. You may experience other sensations, such as a slight rocking back and forth, or your arms may feel weightless and sort of float. Unless the sensation is physically unpleasant, simply ride it out and go with it.)