An Introduction to the Concept


Welcome to the Shadow.  As you read through lectures and posts you may come across familiar ideas and terms.  Here is where people tend to gloss over the content, skimming it just to make sure they know what it's about so they can move on to the 'new' material.  The training material here is placed for a reason, mainly that we hope you benefit from what's written down to its full extent. 

This, then, is the first lesson you will come across, one that will be a staple for later development.  I speak of Unlearning. 

People never check on what they 'know', after all, they know it forward and back, what could anything new about it come from?  This is something to be avoided, as it closes the mind and hinders the training process. 

The other part of Unlearning we look out for is the knowing vs doing a thing.  I can read and understand how a car works, but be completely unable to work on an engine.  Book knowledge and working knowledge must be combined if you are to take anything of value away from the information posted here.  All concepts, no matter how mundane they may appear, must be given equal attention and seriousness.  

This is the point of Unlearning.Unlearning is a two-way lens. For it to work properly it must be used to examine all personal biases, and the limits of what you 'know'.  So really the first task is knowing yourself to a deep enough degree that you can recognize some of your more powerful personality traits, so that they can be side stepped should the need arise.  After accomplishing the above it will become common practice to be able to approach a topic with a clean slate mentality.